STOP FEARS TO GO. MENTAL TRAINING FOR FEARS AND ANXIETIES- Break free from debilitating thought patterns and avoidance strategies- Develop self-esteem and self-confidence- Experience newfound freedom and a zest for lifeDo you want to be free of your fears and anxieties once and for all? Do you want to let go of the fear of being afraid? Do you wish to go back to living a self-determined life? By means of helpful suggestions, the program â??Stop Fears To Go. Mental Training for Fears and Anxieties" helps you examine your thoughts and feelings and develop new, fear-free patterns of thought and behavior so that you can significantly change your quality of life and the level of joy that you experience. You will also learn to be consciously aware of how you interpret an event or situation, so that you can look at what would have previously made you anxious or afraid from a new, more relaxed perspective. You will direct your attention away from what could happen and become independent of anxiety and its consequences. HOW THE PROGRAM WORKSThe program â??Stop Fears To Go. Mental Training for Fears and Anxieties" works effectively by using the techniques of mental coaching and autosuggestion. The 20-minute program is aimed at adults who wish to learn how to minimize or even free themselves from their fears and to strengthen their self-esteem once more. Kim Fleckenstein first gives you important food for thought on the subject of fear and anxiety in the introduction. Next, you will hear empathetic spoken suggestions which will gradually anchor themselves deeply into your subconscious through conscious repetition. The program is designed in such a way that you can repeat the suggestions during a short pause. This allows you to further internalize what you hear, so that it works on you both mentally and psychologically. ABOUT KIM FLECKENSTEINThe program was designed by well-known German Hypnotherapist Kim Fleckenstein. Kim Fleckenstein is a certified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, a clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP-Master-Coach. Based in Munich she already published a range of best-selling self-help and hypnosis programs as Apps and MP3s under the label GET ON APPS. Her unique technique and self experiences have helped to create the special character and heart of her recordings. Together with professional and native speaker Cathy Weber she also publishes her programs in English. WHAT YOU GET. A highly effective 20-Minute professional Mental Training session using the latest hypnotic and relaxation techniques - suitable for both, beginners and more experienced users. The professional and warm voice of Cathy Weber, which leads you into a deep state of relaxation and change. A high quality and state of the art recording. Professionally composed background music for every program by CSW Music. Customize your settings and discover other useful features. PLEASE NOTEDo not listen to this program while operating a motor vehicle or during any other activity that requires your full attention. This program does not replace a doctor or any other medical aids. The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of 4 weeks.
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