WODProof - WOD Video Timer

DescriptionCrazy for CrossFit? Then don't pass up on the new WODProof App. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a professional athlete, WODProof lets you record your daily workout with a built-in timer. You'll never need a digital clock or tablet in the background again. Participating in the CrossFit Open Games? With WODProof you can film an introduction before the timer activates, so there's no interference with your final score. What's more is that the WODProof app has all the different CrossFit timers hard-wired into it - Stopwatch, AMRAP, Intervals, EMOM, and Tabata - so you never miss a step. Ask yourself, does CrossFit have an "off" season? NO. To be the best, you have to test yourself and push your limits. Every. Single. Day. By recording your WODs you can instantly check your stats and see how your Fran PR is improving, or if you've cut 20 seconds off your last Grace test. Challenge. Judge. Record Yourself - with WODProof. Special Features: Tap anywhere on the screen to count your reps and rounds as you blast through them. You don't need a spotting partner - or someone else to hold your phone. Film it all by yourself in selfie mode. Never worry again about Mom calling in the middle of your metcon, making you lose your video. WODProof automatically reminds you to turn your phone on Airplane mode before recording, and to switch back post-workout. WODProof lets you know if you have less than 1GB of memory or storage left. If you take the risk to film anyway, WODProof's got your back, saving your vid down to the last megabyte. Widescreen mode lets you capture your whole workout as you move around the box. Personalize your video by including your name and WOD on the screen. What you get with WODProof: * Record your CrossFit workout, while logging it with a built-in stopwatch. * Use a custom countDown to help you get into position before the timer goes off. * Capture your workout in portrait, landscape, or selfie mode* Film an introduction before the timer activates, and sign-off after the timer cuts out* Position the timer anywhere on the screen* View your recording instantly via the App* Link your Facebook or YouTube accounts to share your video immediately* Count your reps by tapping anywhere on the screen* Choose from any CrossFit timer that suits your workout best - Stopwatch, AMRAP, Intervals, EMOM, or Tabata* Customize your own timer by adjusting time, countdown length, number of rounds, and duration.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None