3dots - Fitness and Nutrition

3dots - Fitness & NutritionDaily new challenges, interactive, and attractive rewards for your commitment - 3dots is the innovative app for fitness and nutrition. You complete a challenge every day, and are rewarded with Dots. Stick with it, and exchange the Dots in the online shop for power bars, training plans, and much more. Coaching, Challenges, Benefits - an overview of the fitness app featuresThe fitness app motivates you daily with new and varied challenges. This includes workouts, exercises, and the preparation of healthy meals. Completed tasks earn you points that you can trade for rewards in the 3dots shop. Show everyone how you master your challenges, and upload photos from your workout and the meals you created. Reaching Your Goal, Challenge by Challenge - How the Fitness App WorksThe 3dots app provides three challenges a day, from which you can select one - your daily task. You can, for example, perform special workouts, or prepare a meal for your balanced diet. For each task, the app provides easy-to-understand instructions, and helpful hints. You can also add a 3dots model to your profile. You can be a Dots-Model, too - just apply here 3dots. fitness/dots-models. Challenge Accepted - and What to Do When It's CompletedAs proof that you have completed the food or body challenge, upload a photo or a short video to the app (up to three seconds long). This creates a fitness album with photos of sit- ups, planks, meals, and shakes that you can share with others. Your Reward in the 3dots ShopFor each task you successfully completed, you will be credited with Dots in the app profile. They improve your fitness status, and can be traded in the 3dots shop. This way, your fitness program is rewarded with power bars, smoothies, or fitness and nutrition plans. They will either be delivered to your home, or can be downloaded - all free of charge. Create Your Own Fitness Community with 3dotsNobody has to train alone. The fitness app can be easily connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can share your success with your friends, get helpful health tips, and compare the number of achievements with friends and followers.
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