Nutrient Timing and Carb Cycling shouldn't be a mystery that can only be solved by purchasing a meal plan for hundreds of dollars. Optimum athletic performance and recovery should be easily available to every athlete without emptying their wallet. We've set out to change the fitness industry with an easy to follow macronutrient calculator and meal planner; eliminating the templates, spreadsheets, endless hours logging meals and doing math or worse, guessing. Your daily macros are laid out for the day, meal-by-meal, based on your personal information; age, height, weight and daily activity & training. No other app offers this, you typically have to spend a minimum of $80 for a single 12 week meal plan, upwards of hundreds of dollars for goal-oriented meal plans. We're offering 5 meal plans: maintenance (included in free version), basic cut, advanced cut, basic bulk and an advanced bulk, for a one time purchase of $10. And it's on your phone, with you wherever you go. Eat for your workout. Shed fat and build lean muscle with the best new carb cycling app for athletic performance & recovery. Fast, easy and simple to use, choose your goal and follow a daily meal plan suited to your schedule and training intensity for your personal goals. For serious users only. View your daily macronutrient goal in a meal-by-meal breakdown, so at the end of the day you aren't worried if you ate too much or too little. Fuel your workouts and recover faster than ever before. Fully functional offline. Free Maintenance Phase included so you can test drive the app. Macronutrient totals provided for the day and each individual meal based on your personal information; age, height, weight and daily activity/training. Your meal schedule is customized to your workout intensity & training time. Set your daily meal plan for a light, moderate or heavy workload. Rest day? We have a meal plan for that too. Meal Notifications - If you find yourself forgetting to eat breakfast, you can set a meal notification for that specific meal. Imperial or Metric conversion option. Helpful FAQ's and a Quick Reference Guide of recommended foods in imperial and metric measurements. Minimalist design and easy navigation - Data is calculated without waiting, simply toggle between the navigation tabs to view updated information. Update your weight in your profile and immediately view your new macronutrient totals on the home page and in your meal plan. Carb Cycling Pro Upgrade for $9. 99 (one-time purchase) : Access 4 new meal plans. Choose to follow a basic or advanced cut or bulk program to shed fat and build lean muscle. Customize your nutrition goals by the gram: o Protein Adjustment - adjust the ratio of grams to body mass. o Caloric Adjustment - adjust your calories plus or minus 250 calories to further customize your diet to your specific needs. Google Fit Integration & Utilization - view all your nutrition data that you submit from Carb Cycling Pro, alongside the rest of your health data from other apps. Knowing your macronutrient goals is essential for any athlete. Test out the app with our maintenance phase, time your meals and nutrients around your training schedule. Once you are ready to work into a massing or cutting phase, simply upgrade for a one-time purchase of $9. 99. Full functionality offers you the ability to follow four new meal plans; choose to gain lean muscle mass, shed fat, customize your calories, the amount of protein intake, and forward your information to Google Fit. Dive into the mechanics of each meal plan and your macros with the About the App feature. Where you'll find our recommendations for bulking, cutting and following Granite Nutrition meal plans all year long. Social Media & Contact Information: Websites: www.carbcyclingapp.comwww.granitenutrition.comInstagram: @carbcyclingapp.
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