Instar Affirmation Writer

Finally. An app that will change your life according to your unique goals, dreams and desires: the Positive Affirmation Writer from Instar Performance. Writing powerful, impactful affirmations that positively influence your life is an art. We designed this writer app for people who want to author their own customized affirmations. An affirmation is the assertion that something exists or is true. Cognitive Psychology tells us that affirmations we make with our self-talk are accepted as literally true by the subconscious mind. Constructing a vivid affirmation that is positive, present tense and filled with emotion is the key to unlocking your potential in any area you choose. Guidelines and tips are included, and sample affirmations are added regularly. The Instar Positive Affirmation Writer app is specifically for people who are serious about affirming their desired changes, and elevating their thinking patterns for a fulfilled life. Features: Notification when key criteria are met: positive, present, emotion. Scheduling feature and alerts for reviewing affirmations. Guidelines for writing affirmations. Tips for updating affirmations. Add personal or professional photos to create vivid images. Add your voice to hear yourself speaking your affirmations. Affirmations can be categorized or tagged for specific areas in your life. An hourglass timer keeps you focused for maximum impact. App counts how often you affirm. "Retire" affirmations that you have accomplished.
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