Meditation Chimer is a simple meditation timer. It will sound chimes for the start and end of your meditation, and optionally chime at regular intervals during your meditation. It has a big friendly clock display, but you don't need to use that if you don't want to. The timer and chimes will continue even if you lock your device. It will even run in the background while you run other apps. Not that you should be doing much while you're meditating, of course, but it'll play nicely with music players, white noise generators, and so on. No adverts, no in-app purchases. What you buy is what you get. The distinct start, finish and interval chimes are provided by strikes of professionally-recorded Tibetan bowls. The optional finishing bell can be set for up to 90 minutes. It's a double-chime, so you'll know it when you hear it. The optional interval bell can be set to chime from every one minute to every fifteen minutes. It's a delicate chime, designed to return you to mindfulness if necessary. You can choose a "settling down" time to let you get ready for meditation (up to sixty seconds). The only controls are three sliders for the timers, a "Start" button and a "Stop" button. The clock continues after the finishing bell has sounded, so you can carry on meditating if you want. The clock counts in hours and minutes, and fades gently from one minute to the next so it won't catch your eye. Carries on timing and chiming with the screen locked. Your phone won't go to sleep. Hopefully you won't, either. Looks good on small phones and large tablets, in landscape or portrait orientation. Original, high-quality photographic backgrounds based on Buddhist imagery.
Operating System Android