MS Care Connect was created by MS experts to help you confidentially monitor your health over time and share that information with your doctor, if you choose. Track and record every aspect of your MS health with easy-to-use features, see your results in real-time data visualizations, and compare your MS experience with other anonymous users. With these insights, you can have more productive conversations with your healthcare team and make more informed decisions about your care. Health Tracker: A convenient tool to monitor your daily MS symptoms and well-being. Performance Metrics: Fun, game-like exercises that measure your physical and mental functioning. Surveys: Brief questionnaires created by researchers that provide information about your symptoms and treatments, and the impact of MS on your lifestyleAlso in the app: Heat Alerts: Stay cool and receive notifications when the weather may increase the severity of your symptoms. Tips and Facts: Broaden your MS knowledge and get tips to help you meet your health goalsOnce you start using the app, sign in to your personal dashboard at to see all of your data, and begin comparing it to others who use the app.
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