Connect to your own doctor on Halodoc and get direct access to your doctor's care, when you need it. Start a chat / call session with your doctor by paying a nominal fee and avoid unnecessary clinic visits. KEY BENEFITS: EASE OF ACCESS: With Halodoc, there is no need to book appointments or wait in the clinic queue for every small health issue that comes your way. So next time, if you: Need to follow up- Have to take feedback on your medical reports- Cannot make it to the clinic, somehow. @REMEMBER US. SHARE MEDIA: Exchange reports and prescriptions with your doctor. Got pimples? Click a photo and share the image. It's that simple. SINGLE TOUCH PAYMENTS: Link you Paytm Wallet for a hassle-free payment experience. Don't have one? Not to worry, the App also let's you create one using your mobile number and Email ID. DATA PRIVACY: We ensure that your data is kept really really safe and is visible only to you and your doctor. Have a question? Here is a quick link to our FAQs: https://myhaloapp. in/static/html/faqp. htmlWe're always excited to hear from you. If you have any feedback, unanswered questions, or concerns, please email us at: care@myhaloapp. in. Disclaimer. Halodoc, "" is owned & managed by 'Kyros Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ' and is not related, linked or interconnected in whatsoever manner or nature, to "" which is an Indonesia based telehealth platform operated by 'Media Dokter Investama, PT'.
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