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Ovulation Calculator helps couples conceive up to 3x faster than the national average. When you're trying to get pregnant you need to know when you're most fertile and when to have sex. OC calculates your two most fertile days each cycle by analyzing your unique menstrual cycle, health and lifestyle data. Ovulation Calculator also provides a huge amount of fertility knowledge through our education portal. As well as access to an online-support network of thousands of other women trying to conceive. The Ovulation Calculator app is free to download and use. KEY FEATURES - Cycle Data Analysis Driven Predictions - Ovulation Calculator - Ovulation Calendar - Cycle Overview At A Glance - Fertile Window and Conception Odds Viewer - Fertility & BBT Chart - Cycle Reports - Daily Insights - Fertility Knowledge - Fertility Tips, Alerts & Reminders - Easy Cycle Data Logging - Fast Period LoggingRead what others are saying about Ovulation Calculator here: https://www.reviews. io/company-reviews/store/ovulation-calculatorTRACK YOUR UNIQUE CYCLE - Daily progress log to record your daily signals such as BBT, cervical mucus, cervix position, OPK results, symptoms, mood and more. Period log to easily add your periods and flow type in one place. Fertility charting providing clues and insights into your cycle and fertility. Calendar view and cycle view of your phases, fertile window and ovulation. CONNECTWeb: https://www.ovulationcalculator.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovulationcalculatordotcomTwitter: https://twitter.com/OvCalcGoogle+: https://plus. google.com/+OvulationcalculatordotcomOvulation Calculator - Because Accuracy Matters.
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