STRONGMom App is a complete strength training tool for women before, during and after pregnancy. With the help of over 100 exercises women can stay fit and healthy in a safe and fun way. With this app women can easily plan, log and organize there workouts. The workouts are divided into three stages; before pregnancy, during and after the pregnancy. This ensures that the exercises are safe and appropriate. Simply enter your due date and the app will automatically take you to the correct stage. Before Pregnancy - Prepare the body for pregnancy with appropriate exercises to gently set your body up for a nine month journey. During Pregnancy - During pregnancy is divided in to First Trimester, Second Trimester part 1 and part 2, Third Trimester part 1 and part 2 to safely provide exercises that are appropriate to each part of the pregnancy. After Pregnancy- Safe exercises are provided to gradually build up and to safely help the body recover after the pregnancy and labor. All the exercises can be done at home and the only equipment you'll need are an exercise mat, stability ball, exercise bands and dumbbells. Each exercise comes with a short video and description. Every exercise is carefully selected to safely guide you through your individual stage. Features: Browse over 100 exercises-Plan, log and organize the workouts-Photo timeline -Track the workouts -Save favorite exercises-Share progressExercises, 3 sets of 12 repetitions are recommended. These recommendations are dependent of the individuals fitness experience and ability.
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