India Drug Index (by Doctors)

India Drug Index is a drug database prepared by Physicians & Pharmacologists. The app contains 1200+ molecules and 10K+ brands. Most comprehensive Drug Database in India. Prepared by a team of 15 editors, which includes Top Physician's and Pharmacisits. Completely evidence based 500, 000+ references. Based on the latest PI. Brands and molecules can be downloaded and completely accessed offline App Features: 1) You can search for molecules to identify the correct dosage, indication, adverse reactions, practice insights, monitoring parameters, side effects and drug interactions. All information are incorporated from the standard product information module or standard references. We have also included references from FDA and latest medical journals. 2) You can also search and find brands - combinations ands individual. The latest pricing and company information is also listed side by side. You can also find alternative brands using the tool. 3) Updating. We update 12 drugs every day and add 100+ brands. The drug database has the ''full offline option''. You can choose to download the entire library offline for easy access. Once downloaded the app does period updates in the background. Update Policy: Every day our internal search engine crawls 500+ publications to identify changes in does, adverse effects and practice insights. New molecules approved by FDA are added with in 24 hours.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None