DAF Assistant implements Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback (FAF) techniques that are known to help people with stuttering to speak more fluently. DAF Assistant can be used by people who stutter to control their speech fluency, slow down speech rate, increase confidence level, and develop good speaking habits. It is known fact that people with stuttering problem usually speak better when do it together with another speaker. This, so called "chorus effect", causes significant increase in speech fluency. Delayed auditory feedback and Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback simulate chorus effect by changing your own voice. DAF delays your voice to your ears a fraction of a second. When delay value of 1 is selected the DAF Assistant uses the smallest delay available on the current device. Each subsequent setting adds 10ms. The actual delay value may vary on different devices. FAF shifts the pitch of your voice. The application provides pitch shift in the range from one-half octave down to one-half octave up. FAF enhances the effectiveness of the application when used simultaneously with DAF. To use the DAF Assistant application you will headset (headphones and microphone). Please visit our web site to see more information about DAF/FAF and this application. Device compatibility. The following devices are found to be compatible with our application so far: HTC EVO 4GHTC Desire SMotorola Droid X phoneNexus S 4GMotorola Photon 4GSamsung Galaxy SWe are working on adding more devices to this list. We also provide FREE "DAF Assistant Lite" application. You may want to download it first to check your device compatibility.
Operating System Android