Wakeup Light Alarm Clock

Want to wake up more relaxed, in a good mood? Try this Dawn Simulation Alarm Clock. "Personal Sunrise" is a dawn simulator for Android devices. It helps to wake up more easily in the morning, as your body prepares for wakeup due to the increasing light of the display. No more waking up from deep slep phases. Supports the Hue Personal Lighting System from PhilipsWikipedia says "Dawn simulation is a technique originally developed to help treat seasonal affective disorder, but can be used as a soundless alarm clock to wake up the body naturally. Typically, the treatment involves timing lights in the bedroom to come on gradually, over a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours, before awakening. ". WakeLight offers you several configuration options for the light simulation (sequence length, brightness curve, min/max brightness) and the sound (alarm sound, snooze timing and sound) in combination with the comfort of periodic alarm templates (with single-alarm removal), and of course single-alarm times. See the pictures. This app is very handy when you're travelling: take your dawn simulation with you. It was intended to be used with tablets of at least 7 inches, but I have enough positive feedback of users with even smaller devices to be able to state it can be good to try with such a small device (especially, of course, if you want to use Hue lights). It depends on your light sensitivity, of course, and the brightness of your environment - but you will be astonished as it works subconscious. Just try, I think you will not regret it. Features: alarm templates for repetition as well as one-time alarms. alarm tone can be internal tones, ringtones, playlists, external music and music stream from the internet. disable or change alarm time even of a one-time alarm of a template. brightness, duration and sounds configurable, some sounds contained in the package. optional display of weather forecast and sunrise/set times (using the free plugin downloadable from the shop). clean and easy-to-use user interface. optionally display a clock with automatic brightness control (in case a brightness sensor is available) that gets brighter when touched. optional text-to-speech reading of the actual time during the alarm. external apps can set alarms using the standard intent, for example Google Now "wake me up at 6: 30". 'dusk simulation': a red display will to improve falling asleep as well as your sleep. and much more. You can find a more exhausting overview on my homepage at https://android. chk. digital/personal-sunrise/features/. =A few words concerning privacy: 'Personal Sunrise' does not collect any data and does not require a network except for optional functions like streaming music. Concerning the rights needed (and used), please refer to my homepage at https://android. chk. digital/personal-sunrise/required-rights/.
Operating System Android