Leaf Tracker takes a different approach towards helping you live a healthier life and track your daily health and activities. It offers an easy to use health tracker that features a food, exercise log, calorie counter, weight management tools and a messaging platform with real professional dietitians that will help you and support you. We believe that real, professional dietitians are the ones who can really drive us towards reaching our goals fast and without making any mistakes on the way. This is why Leaf tracker works with the leaf. healthcare platform and enables you to always stay in touch with your dietitians and receive live guidance and support. We also help you connect with dietitians from all over the world, so if you're looking for a more personal and persistent guidance from registered dietitians, private health practices or hospitals you can always find what you're looking for on Leaf and start working together in seconds. If you're a dietitian and you wish to join us, please browse our website at leaf. healthcare and register for free.
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