Boxtastic - Boxing Workouts

BOXTASTIC - The Boxing Workout AppBoxtastic offers boxing workouts for your punch bag or shadow boxing in the living room, guiding you through each punch via clear audio & on-screen instructions. Boxing training comes in three forms: Boxing WorkoutBoxtastic will call various punch combinations for you to throw, just like a real boxer in the gym. Hit the punch bag hard like the pros. A pure boxing workout sure to improve general fitness. Real Fight WorkoutA revolutionary, first of its kind, training workout - choose a real fight from history and Boxtastic will instruct you throw the exact same punch at the exact same time as in the real fight. You can now truly step into the shoes of a boxer as you replicate your heroes punch for punch. Step into the shoes of Ali, Tyson, Gatti, Pacquiao, Hagler and others. Boxercise WorkoutBoxtastic will keep you in time as you throw left and right punches continuously with custom rest. A traditional boxercise fitness routine. Boxing training is a great way to get fit and the workouts can be customised to suit your level of fitness and ability - from beginner to pro. Get Fit With Boxing, Real Fight & Boxercise Fitness WorkoutsBoxtastic is your boxing trainer to help with your boxing punch combinations to improve your boxing skills or simply to build a sweat and get fit from this boxing fitness workout. Try doing 12 x 3 minute rounds of high intensity boxing training exercises with 4-5 punch combinations just like a professional boxer, or start off a little easier and try 4 x 1 minute rounds at a lower intensity with just 1 and 2 punches at a time. Its totally up to you how you set up your workout session. Main Features. Specific boxing, real fight & boxercise training workouts. Audio and visual call out of punches by the Boxtastic trainer. Call out the punch number, name or both. Select your stance - Orthodox or Southpaw. Select the number of rounds, round length and rest period. Punch types range from jabs & straights, hooks, uppercuts and overhands - all to the head & body. Select number of punches in a combination. Start with 1-2 punch combos and then progress to 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 punches as you get fitter. Set the intensity of the workout. Stats screen shows punches thrown & time spent on workouts for the current month, last month and all time. Share your boxing workouts on Facebook & Twitter to show your friends how you are progressing, including the total number of punches thrown during your workout.
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