Transcend gives users real time feedback about the quality of their meditation using actual neurofeedback data gathered using the MindWave Mobile headset (required). Transcend not only aids in the learning of effective meditation, but allows users to track and improve meditation practices over time by reporting the quality and duration of the user's meditation, as well as other helpful metrics. Using these metrics, Transcend can tell when a user is successfully achieving meditative states regularly or whether a user may benefit from an alternative form of meditation. By measuring and recording meditative states, a user can track his or her progress and receive confirmation that practice is effective. Unlike other meditation apps available today, Transcend directly measures neural activity and takes into account the different ways that people meditate. There are meditation guides for users new to the practice, or users looking to try a different style. Transcend and the benefits of meditationTranscend is a meditation assistance application focused on improving the user's meditation experience and providing faster and more comprehensive insights into the benefits of meditation practice. Transcend: Details the quality of the current mediation session. Tracks progress from past meditation sessions. Suggests when an alternative form of meditation may be more beneficialRegular meditation: Normalizes blood pressure. Reduces anxiety. Lowers stress levelsTranscend requires the use of a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset. (http://neurosky.
Operating System Android