Update (8/9/15) we've updated the app again to undo changes causing crashes on some devices. We apologize sincerely for the trouble this has caused users, after providing a rock solid app for 2 years. Scan a barcode and find out if something is gluten free or not. Gluten Freedom is great for anyone avoiding gluten due to a revised diet or gluten intolerance. Use the app at home or in the grocery store to scan barcodes and help you identify gluten-free products. Fast simple to use barcode scanner. Huge database of gluten free products. Alerts you if something is gluten free or notUnlike other apps that return incorrect information or no information at all, the app will alert you if it can't find product information in it's database of over a million products and ingredients. The scanner uses your phone camera and works at any angle, no need to hold the phone sideways. Results are displayed with product information at the bottom of the scanner and view a history of scanned results. So if you've scanned a dozen things in the store and want to remember what was gluten free or not, pull up your history and see the results. Questions or support? Email us at support@glutenfr. eeVisit our website http://glutenfr. ee.
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