Antibiotics & Infections

Antibiotics & Infections is an app designed to meet the needs of medical students and health-care providers regarding anti-bacterial agents and their use in bacterial infections. The app is intended as an educational and reference tool, and has two parts: Drugs and Diseases. The drugs discussed are common anti-bacterial agents and comprehensive information is provided about their: Available forms. Anti-bacterial spectra. Indications. & Adverse effects. The diseases given are common bacterial infections of various human systems and information is provided about: The first line antibiotics that should be used. Alternatives available. and their Dosages and Durations. The information has been taken from standard and up-to-date resources including Harrison's principles of Medicine, Davidson's principle and practice of Medicine, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, NICE Guidelines, and Public health England among others. Feel free to comment and report any errors and omissions.
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