SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO app is designed for the Masters/Fitness Swimmer or Triathlete/Open Water Swimmer who is: Looking to stay in shape while on the road. Lacking access to coached workouts. Wanting to train on his/her ownSWIM WORKOUTS TO GO also provides a convenient pool locator for wherever your travels take you. Why SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that can be beneficial to people throughout their lives. To receive the full health and wellness benefits of swimming, it can be important to train different energy systems in a balanced way. The SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO app posts new workouts to its site daily by 6 AM, (Eastern Standard Time) and offers both daily Freestyle and daily IM/Stroke practices. See the Workout Focus section for the days of these workouts. Written instructions are included under the Terminology page. The daily Freestyle workout is ideal for Triathlon/Open Water training. How long are the SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO workouts? Depending on the swimmer's ability, the workouts should take between 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Most workouts average 4000-5000 yards. Where is says between 1-4 round, this is the logical place where swimmers with less endurance or less time to spend in the water can limit the practice duration. SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO is produced by Cambridge Masters Swim Club Head Coach, Abe Rogers and Harvard Women's Swimming and Diving Head Coach, Stephanie Morawski. Abe, a former Olympic Trials competitor in Triathlon, a collegiate varsity swimmer and a long time masters swimmer and coach, has 20 years of experience training athletes at all levels. In addition to coaching masters swimmings, Stephanie, a two-time Olympic Trials swimmer, has coached NCAA All Americans, Olympic Trials finalists, and Harvard to several Ivy League Championships. She collaborates with Abe on season planning and training ideas. Both coaches have a love for the sport and they want to share their workouts to promote swimming as a form of exercise at home or on the road. Disclaimer: Before participating in any physical activity or if you are pregnant or returning from a pregnancy, illness or injury, please consult a doctor to make sure you are in good health before performing any type of exercise. SWIM WORKOUTS TO GO does not claim to improve your overall fitness or make you a faster swimmer; we are simply supplying workouts to individuals who want consistency in swim training provided by a a coach.
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