BlueJay Engage - Patient is your trusted companion for physical therapy and rehabilitation, guiding you through each step of your rehabilitation journey. This app allows you to: BlueJay Engage allows you to: Receive home exercise programs or HEP from your therapist right to your phone or iPad Chat with your therapist about using multimedia messages Log your progress to monitor pain and movement Browse the video library to create your own treatment plan to address your pain If you are a patient using this app with a physical therapist or rehabilitation provider, we hope our app becomes a natural part of your healthcare program. As soon as your provider sends you a new treatment or updates your plan, you'll be notified right away. Your plan will include number of reps, hold times and any other notes your provider wishes to include. If you are a user without a provider looking to create your own home exercise program, you will find our video library of great use. This app allows you to browse pregrouped exercise programs created by specialists or to create your own treatment plan completely from scratch. You and your provider can communicate with each other using in-app messaging. You can send picture and video files as well as audio messages to one another. The progress graph allows you to monitor your pain and movement over the period of your exercise program. This information is also sent to your therapist so that she/he can assess your progress and adjust your program accordingly.
Operating System Android