Brain Wave Therapy is a brain wave stimulation app that can change your brain frequency to your desired state. You can use the application either with headphones (recommended) or with your device speaker to benefit from 5 different wavelength sounds (Delta (0. 5 - 4 hertz), Theta (6 - 10 hertz), Alpha (7. 5 - 12. 5 hertz), Beta (12. 5 - 30 hertz), Gamma (40 - 100 hertz) ). You can use: Delta Waves: to help you Sleep Deeply. Theta Waves: to help you reach a state of Deep Meditation. Alpha Waves: that can help you reach a sense of peace and increase your creativity. Beta Waves: that affects your left brain hemisphere and increases your energy and focus. caution because too many Beta Waves may result in stress) -Gamma Waves: that can increase memory function and the ability to learn quickly.
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