Many patients have issues taking their meds on time or missing them altogether. With this application the user is able to enter all of their medications, (whether it be a steroid, antidepressant or bladder control) frequency of use, preferred route and personalize a notification as a reminder. As of now this is the only app that will take care of all the patient's med's in one place. The patient will tell the app if they took their dose and if they didn't, the app will tell them how to handle a missed dose. When the user registers with this free app, they will indicate to the application when they were diagnosed and what type of MS they have. They be served a checklist of symptoms that they could check-off each day during an extremely short and easy "daily-self assessment". Provided the patient consistently updates the app, they will be able to print their "quick-sheet" and hand it to their doctor at the start of their bi-annual visit. This quick-sheet will show everything as far as symptoms, falls, inconsistency in taking medications and anything else that their doctor would need to see. However, this application is not just a tool to input information. Through the app, the user will have access to all of the information from the Basic MS Explorer website. Meaning there would be an encyclopedia of MS drugs at their fingertips, as well as: * A multiple sclerosis blog that is updated daily with breaking news and helpful tips* Nearby advocacy/support groups* Upcoming patient-based conferences and events* A comprehensive list of assertive devices* Any new research articles/updates* Drugs coming down the pipeline* A video/audio library featuring MS patients and respected thought leaders.
Operating System Android