If you have been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia this app will help you to keep your 'PA world' organised and stress free. It will help you evaluate your condition accurately and build an important record of how pernicious anaemia affects you on a day to day basis. This app will help to demonstrate to your doctor how well you are responding to treatment. Use the handy tools to chart your symptoms (symptom list provided with kind permission of Sally M. Pacholok R. N. & Dr. Jeffrey J. Stuart, authors of 'Could It Be B12? '), injections, supplements and medications and track improvements or regression in your health. The app syncs to the www.b12deficiency. info website where you can securely log in to view and print your data. Is your memory affected by pernicious anaemia? Many of us have memory problems caused by the condition. We forget appointments or when to take our medications and supplements. Reduce anxiety and become organised by setting this app to give you handy reminders and alerts. My Symptoms - Use the slider bar to record the severity of your symptoms. Once entered and graded your results appear in graph form, alongside your supplements and medications. My Supplement/Medications - Organise and manage your injections, medications and supplements. Let the app remind you when to take your dosage. My Diary - Supplements/Medications - In calendar form. Click any date to view doses for that day. Keep your current supplements/medication schedule at your fingertips. My Charts - Choose up to three symptoms to view at one time, and the graph will display improvements or regression. You can overlay this graph with your supplements to see a fuller history. My Journal - Record your observations and keep notes. Say how you feel. My Test results - Keep your important test results accessible, and monitor changes over time. My Medical History - Record key information regarding your PA and any other conditions you have. My appointments - The app will remind you of your scheduled appointments. My Images - The camera never lies. Build and organise a personal image library of your visible symptoms to record your PA history.
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