Please Note: The app os free to download but requires a subscription to access the content. This database is an authoritative resource on the clinical use of essential oils that includes over 100 botanical species of plants from which essential oils are obtained from. The intent of the database is for professionals and users of essential oils to evaluate the evidence in support of essential oils for specific aspects of human health according to the strength of the available evidence. For best results, this database should be used in conjunction with Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy, which contains comprehensive information regarding the safe and effective use of essential oils. This book provides the insight and evidence necessary for one to use essential oils as part of an integrative approach to medicine, including safety information, dosing, clinical administration methods, and known drug interactions and cautions. The Evidence-Based Essential Oil Resource database features: brief descriptions of the botanical species of plants and their native habitats;. short accounts of the historical use of the botanicals, including traditional medicinal and folk-remedy use;.common names and botanical synonyms of plants;. efficacy ratings of essential oils (from one oil drop to five oil drops, with five being the highest) based on an in-depth, methodical review of the scientific evidence;. and links to the supportive research used to determine the essential oil's rating.
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