Body weight training or calisthenics is the new trend in fitness for 2016 as mentioned on publications such as Men's Fitness and expert trainers. The use of the classic burpees, pull ups, squats, abs, pushups and situps is more relevant than ever. Get a great body that you are looking forBodytastic foundation focuses on training using body weight or calisthenics exercises: Burpees, Pull ups, Squats, Abs and PushupsBodytastic Burpees gives you: 1. Motivation2. Suggestions messages from the coach3. Count Burpees repetitions using three modes: Automatic, Manual and Sensor4. Free or Guided Body Training Modes5. Intelligent System progress, if your training were normal or easy you can pass to the next level6. Graph to keep track of your progress7. Notifications to remind you when trainTraining calisthenics, will not only work the muscle you choose directly also the auxiliary muscles. So you get: 1. More muscle2. Burn more fat3. Feel better4. Get a more harmonious physical, like gymnasts5. Fewer injuries than other types of workouts6. Better and more muscular Back, Arms, Core, LegsReturn to body weight training with body weight and calisthenics excercises like: Burpees, Pull ups, squats, abs, push-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups. Train your body with only with body weight or to complete your gym training with Burpees workout.
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