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Youper is more than an app. It's the first mobile platform to overcome social anxiety and shyness. TRY IT FOR Free. Discover your social anxiety level. Understand the key mechanisms to gain confidence and feel less anxiety. Identify your goals and discover how to achieve them. Use the breathing app to reduce anxiety in any situation. Try real-life challenges guided step-by-step. FULL JOURNEYUnlock your full journey. to become more confident. for less than $4 a day. 100% GUARANTEEWe want to be part of your journey to overcome social anxiety. If you don't like the program at any point, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. IS YOUPER FOR YOU? Do you want to feel less anxiety when speaking in public? Do you want to be more confident and sure of yourself when interacting with people? Do you need to feel at ease in meetings and conferences? Do you want to feel less anxious in your next presentation? Do you want to be surer of yourself when talking with people? CHECK OUT OUR MAIN FEATURES: You will be guided on a personalized journey that will help you achieve your goals. Improve every day at your own pace. Real-life activities with step-by-step instructions. Effective tools to reduce anxiety in any situation. Intelligent tools to understand your way of thinking. Youper is based on science and committed to results. More: v=4cCezXy64OMWe use neuroscience, technology, and design to develop social skills with proven results to overcome shyness. You will be guided on a journey created specifically for your goals. You will love the stories of Mel and Lucas. They will help you understand concepts and transform knowledge into practical action. Practice in real life with fun challenges, based on your personal goals, to put into practice the concepts and use Youper tools. Discover your level of social skills with interactive self-tests, understand how you feel in social situations and find out what you need to improve. Interact with smart tools to understand your way of thinking, reprogram your brain, and overcome social anxiety. By using the breathing app, you will develop self-control and lessen your anxiety in any situation. We use tools and techniques with proven results to overcome social anxiety and to ensure lasting results for over 10 years. Youper is backed by the latest scientific research and was developed by Dr. Jose Hamilton, a psychiatrist and social behavior specialist. Terms of use: http://www.youper. co/youper-terms-of-usePrivacy policy: http://www.youper. co/youper-privacy-policyWe're always excited to hear from you. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: hello@youper. co.
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