ManageWell from Wellvation

The free ManageWell app is designed to work with your employer's wellness program for on the go access to all your wellness resources. Note: Your employer must be using the ManageWell wellness platform. Keep track of all your wellness program participation. Sign up for various wellness resources offered by your employer. Complete the online health assessment. Track your steps from your linked step tracker device. Track your rewardsHere's how to get started: 1. Download the ManageWell app to your device. Login to the app with the same username and password you used to login to the ManageWell web portal. 2. Begin using ManageWell to engage in your employer's wellness offerings and experience mobile happiness. About Wellvation: Wellvation is a leading provider of employer sponsored wellness program content and management services. Wellvation's services include employee wellness programs, employee wellness management systems and materials that provide individuals with the awareness, education and support needed to achieve sustained, improved health. Wellvation's integrated suite of resources combine to help: Identify health risks. Work toward healthful and sustainable change. Meet the full spectrum of health needs from prevention to disease management. Find reliable answers to health questions. Better navigate the complex benefit and health care system.
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