VICTO IDEAS Health & Fitness Lab (Top 3 Health & Fitness in the US and top 100 in many countries) Tap on "more by this developer" -> you will see a lot of amazing things. Turns your phone into a great vibrating massagerGet relaxed after a hard working dayLoose up your muscles, neck, shouldersHelp your baby fall back to sleepFeatures: Vibrating at Low Speed. Vibrating at Medium Speed. Vibrating at High Speed. Vibration Timer. Multiple Pillows to select. Intuitive designAbout us: VICTO IDEAS is a research lab, specializes in health & fitness technologies. We are the lab that created the famous Massage Pillow, Bedtime Sleep Fan, 7 Minute Workout Plus, Water Tracker, 20 Day Fit, 20/20 Diet For Life. (You may want to have a look at our apps -> tap on more by this developer/Thang Nguyen -> it will navigate to all the available apps) We created technologies to help more and more people improving their health & life experience.
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