Vibra Hospital of DeSoto

PhilosophyVIBRA Specialty Hospital is committed to delivering quality wound care to patients with a variety of comprehensive medical needs. The loss of skin integrity can severely affect the physiological, psychological, social and financial well being of the individual suffering from acute or chronic debilitation. Pressure ulcers and delayed wound healing are major causes of morbidity in patients already compromised by an acute or chronic illness, accident or injury. VIBRA Specialty Hospital Wound Care Clinic as well as VIBRA Specialty Hospital's inpatient wound management services, combine continuous, high quality nursing care with state-of-the-art medical and technological treatment modalities providing a holistic approach to meet the needs of our patients. Treatment CategoriesWound management services may encompass the following treatment categories: Wound Infection (Including MRSA) and IV TherapyStage III and IV Pressure UlcersComplex Stage II Pressure UlcersAmputation Site WoundsPostoperative Skin FlapsAbdominal WoundsOther Chronic WoundsNon-Healing Surgical WoundsDiabetic WoundsTreatment CategoriesLaboratory ServicesSharp DebridementChemical DebridementMechanical DebridementAggressive Skin Deficit Assessment and InterventionMist therapyOur App is a useful tool for Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Case Workers and Families caring for a recovering loved one. Our Useful Features Include-One Touch Contact and Turn by Turn GPS directions to Vibra Hospital of Charleston-The Vibra Life Blog-News on current medical trends and technology affecting our industry-Visitors Map of local lodging and dining establishments-An interactive map displaying the Vibra Network-Easy Appointment Scheduling for touring our facilities-Emergency Message.
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