What is VerifyTX? VerifyTX is the only easy-to-use secure mobile app for IOS and Android that instantly verifies insurance coverage preventing you from losing qualified potential clients. Waiting on the long process of insurance verification is no longer an issue. Benefits1. Determine coverage in less than 60 seconds, and it's easy to use2. Up to the moment accurate verification data, so you don't admit based on wrong information3. Verify coverage anywhere, 24/7, so that you don't lose out on qualified clients4. Stop dealing with the aggravation of waiting hours or days on verification 5. Securely submit sensitive patient data without the risk of email hack or $50, 000 HIPAA violations6. Re-verify your current census to identify lapsed policies, preventing you from losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance revenue 7. Anyone can use VerifyTX. Admissions, Marketing, Outreach, Clinical, and Billing. 8. There are no contracts, you will be able to download and try it free. 9. Respond to referral sources in minutes. 10. Instantly store and access your qualified potential client list. Download it today, and try it for free.
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