Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers (KYN) is inspired by the passion offour Mercer University College of Pharmacy students to servethe community and enhance screening experience. We hopeto encourage patients to be more involved in their wellnessand keep track of important health numbers such as BloodPressure, Glucose, and Cholesterol readings through our app, Know Your Numbers. Understanding your health numbersgives you the opportunity to control your health by settinggoals and to prevent chronic diseases in the long run. This appallows you to log your numbers and to keep track of them. KYN was funded by the Student National PharmaceuticalAssociation Prescription for Service competition which wassponsored by Wal-Mart this year. The Mercer Prescription forService team placed first in their region in January 2016 andwill be competing nationally in July 2016. This is the first version of KYN since the prototype. Westrive to make improvement with your input. This manual willguide you through the beta-version of the app. Please let usknow of any concern or questions atknowyournumbersapp@gmail.com.
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