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Stomach cramps, chest pain, mood disorders and sleep. Each month, our rules announced their return with a spirit which we would be okay. How to fight against the famous PMS without shooter paracetamol? By adopting these 10 small simple but magical tricks. Belly shoot, ready to explode breasts, daggers blows in the kidneys. For some of us, her period is a real fun. These charming little inconvenience even have a name: dysmenorrhea. Then of course, sometimes it is abused to secure relief from sports - the famous "unwell" on the hair cell correspondence book the day it was rugby - but mostly it is not a sham, we suffer as a beast. And to top it all, we have a spot on the nose which could illuminate the cave of Lascaux. Sometimes being a girl, it's just bad luck. The good news? There are still solutions, Natural, hormonal or drug to soften those three or four days per month. However, if the pain is accompanied by fever or prevent you from living correctly, consult your doctor immediately. Characteristics: Check the pregnancy during all calendar days. Google account to backup and restore data;. Save data to phone or email. Unique Design. 58 Symptoms choice. Mode pregnancy. Recalls period and ovulation. Tables of weight and tempetature. Records Management. Follow menstrual cycles. forecast period and ovulation. self-definition personal period and ovulation period. You can select data from one month, 3 months or every month as the default period of time. Security Protection. Multi-accounts to track information from different people. Restore the SD card data. Multi-languages to choose.
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