Twenty Peaks is a cycling challenge, six months long, during which cyclists climb 20 mountain peaks of varying difficulty - each at his own pace, as long as they reach the summit. Twenty Peaks Israel 2016 sees two separate editions - ROAD & MTB. In order to meet the challenge you will have to ride over 400 kilometers and climb approximately 16, 000 meters, which is almost two fold the height of Mount Everest. While cycling the Twenty Peaks you will get to know new climbs, see gorgeous landscapes and contribute to community. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Download the Twenty Peaks application. 2. Subscribe to the Road or MTB edition. 3. Collect the Twenty Peaks 2016 jersey from the Israeli Cycling Federation offices and get on climbing starting September 15th 2016. 4. "Check in" at every mountain top using the app. 5. Complete the challenge before March 15th 2017 and win your FINISHER bib short. Contributing to the Community: Upon registration you will receive an email listing three foundations that promote cycling in Israel. You will be asked to choose one to which we will donate 5% of your registration fee.
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