Diet and Exercise are necessary for the best results of any exercise routine. This app creates kickboxing bag workouts for cardio and resistance band training workouts for strength. As you eat your meals throughout the day, use the "Fuel Log" to keep track of your Protein and Carbohydrate intake. Then send your meal choices to your coach or trainer or friend via email. Kickboxing Routine: Put your wraps on, warm up, choose your work out length and "rest" frequency and select "start". The app will build you a workout close to the length you requested with 1 minute rests. Each "rest" will consist of less cardio intensive exercises (i. e. squats, swimmers). The workout will include a wide variety of strikes and combinations, no two days are the same. Band Training Workout: The band training workouts are split into upper and lower body workouts. Select the radio button of the portion of the body you'd like to exercise and the app will build the appropriate workout. The app will remember the speed of each work out and the band type that you select. Fuel Log: What you eat is fuel, keep track of what you are eating to ensure you are getting the appropriate amount of protein and carbohydrates. Record what you eat. Develop database of the foods you eat by reading labels and develop a good habit of knowing what you are putting into your body. Email it. If you are in a training program, email your food log to your coach or trainer. Or if you are just working out with friends, have someone hold you accountable to keep track of what you eat and try to hit reasonable healthy targets.
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