ICE - LifeAssyst (Emergency)

LifeAssyst is an ICE (In Case of Emergency) App that can save your life in an emergency situation by providing critical information to Paramedics, First Responders, ER Staff and Doctors without them having to unlock your phone. This life saving information includes: Emergency Contacts (including the ability to call these contacts without unlocking your phone). Allergies (including life threatening ones). Medical Conditions (including critical illnesses). Medication (including lifesaving drugs). History of surgeries / procedures / implants. Contact information for your Physician / Hospital / Healthcare CenterIn short, LifeAssyst provides all vital medical information that paramedics, first responders and ER staff need to ensure your safety and well-being. Since LifeAssyst displays this information on your lock screen, an emergency responder can view all this information WITHOUT having to unlock your phone. LifeAssyst can help you and your family. Stay prepared for an emergency. Provide critical information to paramedics, doctors or first responders that enable them to make lifesaving decisions. Store and display information about critical medical conditions, medications or life-threatening allergiesTaking 5 minutes to install LifeAssyst and storing your vital medical information in it, could save your life and that of your loved ones. LifeAssyst comes in two flavors, LifeAssyst (Free) and LifeAssyst PLUS ($0. 99 annually) LifeAssyst (Free) : Emergency Contacts (maximum 3 contacts). Allergies (maximum 3 allergies). Medical Conditions (maximum 3 conditions). Medication (maximum 3). Surgeries / Implants (maximum 3) LifeAssyst PLUS ($0. 99 annually) : Emergency Contacts (Unlimited). Allergies (Unlimited). Medical Conditions (Unlimited). Medication (Unlimited). Surgeries / Implants (Unlimited). Audio Message (ability to record an audio message that can be played by emergency staff without unlocking your phone) NEW FEATURES: Lock Screen: The most common challenge for our users was the LifeAssyst Emergency Screen that appears on top of the phone's lock screen and this screen needs to be closed each time users can open their phones. The full-sized Emergency Screen has been replaced with a floating "Emergency Icon" that offers users two distinct advantages: It does not have to be dismissed in order to access the lock screenIt can be moved to any part of the screen to ensure least disruption to everyday phone use, while still being visible to emergency responders. Surgeries / Implants: In the Surgeries / Implants area, LifeAssyst users can now save and display images of details about surgeries / implants. This eliminates the need to manually enter the information and the possibility of error during entry. For example, if you have a two-page hospital report about a recent procedure you underwent, all you have to do is take pictures of each page using LifeAssyst and simply save. Allergies: LifeAssyst provides a type-ahead list of common allergies while you typeMedical Conditions: LifeAssyst provides a type-ahead list of common medical conditions while you typeLifeAssyst PLUS: LifeAssyst PLUS supports users who need to store additional information for a small fee of $0. 99 a year. German Language Support: For users whose phone's Language Setting is "German", LifeAssyst will automatically switch to German. If there are additional features that you would like to see in LifeAssyst or if you would like to provide feedback, please click here - html.
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