WalkActive is a walking technique that has been scientifically proven to improve posture, reduce joint stress, improve body shape and trim your waistline. It's fun, effective and accessible to everyone no matter what your fitness level. WalkActive has been featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Express and The Guardian as one of the most effective fitness programmes. Created and developed by Joanna Hall MSc Sports Science, the WalkActive programme has only been available to learn in a live training environment through workshops & residential programmes. Now this unique technique is available for everyone to learn with the new WalkActive App. By using this app you will learn the highly effective WalkActive technique so that you can start to feel its benefits simply by changing the way you walk. The WalkActive app is a whole fitness course in your pocket. After learning the WalkActive technique, the app will not only track your walks but it will analyse your new walking technique and evaluate your progress so that you are walking effectively, more smoothly and efficiently. You'll be able to see how your pace, stride and speed is changing whilst your body becomes streamlined and your fitness improves. How the app worksIt's easy. The app works in modules and using audio coaching & video drills. Once the Feet are mastered, the next module adds the Hips, Head and Shoulders and finally the Arms so that as each module is added you'll be feeling comfortable and natural as you WalkActive. Using audio and video Joanna guides you through each module where you have the opportunity to learn and practice each section. You can do this at home or outside and no special equipment is required. Once you have mastered WalkActive, it's time to start walking. The app has a built in GPS that tracks your walks and scientifically analyses your pace, speed and gait feeding you back your WalkActive progress. There is a section that stores your walking history along with information about how you are walking so that you can see the improvement in your technique. The app is packed with information explaining the science behind the programme, outlining its benefits and demonstrating that by changing your walking you can reverse some of the damaging impact modern lifestyle has on your muscular skeletal system. Take it to the next step, get results. There are three paid sections. Technique & Posture Audio Coaching Session: A 30 minute audio coaching track helping you to feel the benefits of WalkActive Technique as you walk. Introduction to Core and Tone. Add more advanced techniques and improve the shape and tone of your body specifically targeting the tummy and waistline. Introduction to Pace and Fitness. Learn to walk 24% faster and incorporate WalkActive into a more serious fitness routine to improve cardiovascular fitness.
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