Pregnant? Expecting a baby? This application is ideal for monitoring your pregnancy week by week beginning with the early warning signs that you are pregnant until delivery. If there is indeed a period during which the advice is welcome, it is pregnancy. Because during these nine months, the pregnant woman arises thousand questions. The application '' speaker '' is made to accompany women speakers each day throughout her pregnancy and answer any questions. It gives the information a week on the evolution of the baby, you receive information about the progress of your pregnancy, diet, physical activity, development of the fetus, tips facing the upheaval of your body, perform examinations, Health, Psycho, shape, discover what your baby needs. Discover every week the answers to your questions of the moment through the application '' Speaker ''. '' Speaker '' is the essential source of information for mothers and expectant parents in general. It is a guide to help you in your parenting adventure. Be better prepared to welcome your baby and find all the answers you need when you need them. Pregnancy is always full of surprises week after week. To better understand the evolution of your baby and your body, '' Enclosure '' guides you through your pregnancy week by week. health, exam preparation, administrative procedures to do: Never miss a thing week after week. Pregnancy holds many mysteries week by week. Especially when you become pregnant for the first time. And over the discoveries, medical appointments with the gynecologist and the steps keep coming week after week. Result: as future mothers, it is sometimes a bit disoriented. Not clear, for example, to do right away the difference between weeks of pregnancy and a week of gestation. Were you aware that it is only week 3 and week 4 of pregnancy you will feel the first symptoms of pregnancy. And baby gender, when will it be revealed to you? A note for those interested, it is between week 20 of pregnancy and week 22 of pregnancy. And that's without mentioning the date of declaration of pregnancy, the departure on maternity leave and childbirth preparation. In short, with '' speaker '' is a whole new world opens up to you. So to not hesitate to follow during each week of pregnancy, changes in your body but also your future baby. Because while mom feels the first vomiting, sees his belly shape or falls motherhood, fetus also did his little life. Your pregnancy week by day: follow daily changes in your body, what happens in your belly and how to deal calmly. Fetal development images: each week, look at what your baby looks like the development of a baby in utero and at birth. '' Enclosure '' easy to use and very informative. Our information has been checked by a doctor. However, this application is of course not intended to replace a medical professional. If in doubt, unusual symptoms or questions about your pregnancy, consult your doctor or gynecologist.
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