A Smart way to track your food and drink in take. For each item you can track the points used. Keep a running total for the day and week. Your daily total will reset each day and your weekly total will reset on your chosen reset day. Current Features: Daily and Weekly Points Tracking. Tracking Favourite Meals. Points Calculator. Widget. Tutorial. Barcode Scanner. Start of the new food database - Please be patient. There is a lot of work to enter all of this data. Right now, breakfast items are available Features coming in version 3: Complete Food List. Complete Alcohol List Features Roadmap: Tracking Exercise Points Full Points Diary Weight Tracking IMPORTANT NOTE: The Food Database is incomplete. TIP: Use the minus button to amend points totals. Warning and Disclaimer: Any reference to Weight Watchers or other weight plans is purely coincidental or assumed. This application is for personal use and is in no way official, nor represents any organisation or company.
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