Workout Guide is a fitness guide for a some one who wants to track weight, workouts and runing. Workout Guide helps you to reach your goals. Workout Guide has many exercises and workouts for training at your gym or at homeWorkout Guide has the following sections: Profile Helps you to view your progress of weight gain or loss. Weight StatusticsProvides visual graph of your weight gain or loss progressGym RoutineYou can create Different workouts routines that will help you to schedule your weekly work. Gym WorkoutDifferent guided workouts that will allow you to build body at Gym or home. Gym ExercisesMore than 100 different exercises to do at the gym with explanation of the exercise, info about involved muscles and images. RunningThis screen will help you to track your distance run accurately using GPS. DietThis screen will help you support your work in the gym with nutrition advice so that you know what, when and how to eat to achieve your goals. This app is free, we only ask you for your positive rating so that more people knows the app and we can keep improving itHope this would be helpful and you like it.
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