The iRadTech Chiro app places positioning information for chiropractic radiographic procedures at the fingertip of the chiropractor, radiographer or student. Radiographers will find the positioning and radiographic images beneficial, especially for exams that are infrequently performed. Each of the projections provides detailed instructions so radiographers and students can accurately position the patient and reduce radiation exposure by getting it correct with the first exposure. Student radiographers find iRadTech Chiro a convenient guide to performing procedures and a valuable study tool. For Android 4. 4 or later phones and tabletsEach procedure includes: Patient and part positioning, respiration, image receptor size, central ray centering and angulation, image quality points and structures demonstrated. Illustrations showing patient properly positioned and a radiograph of acceptable qualitySave your mAs, kVp, and other useful information on the NOTE tab for each projection.
Operating System Android