Amino Acids is a neatly organized study app with detailed information, and quiz questions for the 20 major amino acids. The app is intended to help students in biochemistry courses. It can also be used by others as a useful reference. You can search the amino acids by name, code, codons, charge, and polarity. The quiz feature tests your knowledge of the structures, and provides feedback with simple stats. You can test the app by downloading the free version of this app from the vendor's page. Features: Color coded structures for faster learning- QUIZ feature to test structures' knowledge- Detailed information about: codes, codons, mass, formula, polarity, charge, hydropathy, density, solubility, pKa, etc. SEARCH feature to find amino acids by name, codons, polarity, or charge- Beautiful dark themeIf you have ANY suggestions, comments, or if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me. Permissions: Internet & Network: The app takes advantage of Google Analytics to improve the app features.
Operating System Android