OneGlance Android App helps users to connect with their doctors and enable them to get regular online health reviews which are very essential for managing their chronic health conditions. Thus the App provides facility for user to conveniently receive regular health and treatment advise from their doctor which ultimately results in better treatment outcomes. To whom it is useful1) Users with chronic health conditions especially Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Thyroid and other endocrine disorders. 2) Parents of kids with diabetes3) Pregnant ladies with diabetes, gestation diabetes 4) Sons and daughters who wants to monitor their elderly parents chronic health conditions and receive feedback from their doctors Features this App provides are1) Ask doctor - using this feature the users can send their health complaints and lab reports and get advice from their doctor, the contents such as images, audio files can also be uploaded to doctor 2) Health @ glance - using this feature the user can view his/her latest medical data like prescription, advice and important lab result trends3) Book appointment - using this feature the user can request for an appointment with their doctor4) Lab report - the user can view their Lab reports recorded by the care provider team from clinic5) Diet advice - the user can view the diet prescription recorded by the care provider team from clinic6) Record sugar values - the user can record their self monitored blood sugar values and once a while get it reviewed by their doctor7) OneGlance wallet - using this facility the user can load the money in the wallet, which can be utilized for online consultation8) Settings - this features enables the user to change the profile settings.
Operating System Android