My Polio App is the world's first app that can check symptoms of polio easily in a person. The app is designed for people to check symptoms of polio in their body by just answering few questions either "Yes" or "No". The app provides a medical report to a person on the basis of his/her answers. People can also share their report with their doctor using the mobile numbers i. e. SMS. The app also provides health stats of an user which are automatically saved in the profile of an user. The app is developed after doing a lot of research from websites like "MayoClinic", "WHO", "Wikipedia" etc. An user can also share his/her polio defending story with us and we will feature it on our official Facebook page to over 8K+ people. Brief features: 1. Works even offline2. Create / Edit profile3. Provides a medical report. 4. Saves health stats automatically in the profile. 5. Just answer the series of simple questions and get the result. 6. Share your report with us. 7. Share your report with your doctor. And even more features are waiting. World's best POLIO treating android app. Developer - Naman Tiwari (14 years old) Connect with developer on facebook - tiwari. 507On twitter - with our company NTSAIT on Facebook - - download and rate the app and join the initiative to end polio.
Operating System Android