BLE Heart Rate & HRV Recorder

Bluetooth smart HRM & HRV: Heart Rate Monitor / Heart Rate Variability (HRV) : Display, record, saving to files and csv export. unlimited recording- real time processing of HRV data: RMSSD, SDNN, Rhythmogram, Histogram, Poincare- stress index metering, Cooper test, Conconi test (next release) - statistics- export (for further processing e. g. by Kubios-SW) - auto-adjust min-max coordinates- system notification of heart rate, bpm-average, calories- multi language (text and announcements) - voice output of BPM values (speech) - min-/max - BPM tone, alerting function- gps measurement: time, distance, average speed, altitude over sea level- direct connection button to previous used ble-device without scaning- changeable layout colorsHINT: NO annoying 'register / login' necessary with this app. Direct access to your device WITHOUT web-interface and NO storing of your data on a 'cloud' in the Internet. Important: Should any problems occur with this app: please wait for a negative rating, do not hesitate to confront me with the problem under Questions, new feature requests are welcome always. ONLY for smartphones >= Android-4. 3 and Heart Rate Measurement Devices with Bluetooth 4. 0 (= BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy = Bluetooth Smart).
Operating System Android