MindPilot - Mindfulness App

Within your own mind you have the resources to make the most of your life. Mind Pilot is a premium mindfulness and meditation course which aims to unlock your inner resources and help you find a sense of calm and balance that will better prepare you for all the challenges life throws at you. Through the powerful skill of mindfulness, Mind Pilot can help you de-stress, sleep better and enjoy a greater sense of well being. Level 1 of the Mind Pilot course can be enjoyed for free and without time limit - featuring a mindfulness learning module and guided meditations of various lengths, as well as a special mindful eating exercise and over 20 "how to meditate" audio tools. App highlights: 8 stage mindfulness course based on the well researched and accepted eight week mindfulness based stress reduction course, which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, improve focus and increase general well being. Targeted mindfulness meditation exercises to help you sleep better, manage physical discomfort and boost your motivation levels. Comprehensive set of audio tools to help you get the most out of your mindfulness and meditation practice. Content expertly crafted by experienced and well respected mindfulness instructors. Download Mind Pilot sessions for offline use wherever you are. Using Mind Pilot for just 10 mins use a day can provide lasting and meaningful benefit.
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