Kip - therapy made better

Kip is therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression the way it should be: approachable, evidence-based, and personalized to give you the best care available. We're currently available in San Francisco, South Bay, and East Bay. Use Kip's app to book sessions with top mental health providers in your area. We handle the logistics like payment so that all you have to do is show up and focus on getting better. You'll meet your provider in-person and use the mobile app between sessions to collect data, communicate, and share progress directly with your provider. This keeps you accountable to following treatment and makes sessions more effective by giving your provider valuable treatment data and ensuring that they're up to date on your care when you walk in the door. Therapists and clients who use Kip love: How easy it is to find a therapist: no cold calls, voicemails, no waitlists. That they can manage all their treatment on a mobile phone- The quality and experience of Kip providersOur providers: Kip's therapists are trained in evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can choose from any Kip therapist and meet a few until you find a good match. Pricing: Every session has a flat fee of $165. Our providers are Out-of-Network but we can help you with insurance reimbursements. Ask us how. Payment is automatically process at the end of each session, so you never need to remember cash or a check.
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