PBi is a health prevention service that utilizes Population Management's predictive modeling and physical fitness wear-ables to help drive a path of wellness for the Employees of Group Plans. PBi gains traction into an Employee's life by becoming a part of their work life also. PBi works by taking in years of Medical Health Claims and Prescriptions history for list of Employees for an Employer. For those Employees who participates PBi provides a health risk assessment score detailing an Employee's "health priorities", which is what they should focus on in order to achieve improved health outcomes. Instead of dumping pounds of paper reports, The PBi app is used to communicate timely information centered around health prevention, "tasks" that should be followed, simplifying the overly complex nature of healthcare "care plans" today. PBi is helping the healthy to stay healthy and for the unhealthy to get healthier. The PBi app becomes the walk-along wellness assistant that communicates the essential instructions, educational materials, videos that are most relevant to the Employee's wellness situation. It is a very personalized rendering of good common sense and it points them back to their primary doctor for all medical advice and diagnoses.
Operating System Android