Hug Smartwatch app is designed to work with the Hug smartwatch, and also independently for well-wishers, who wish to help build a safer community. CONTROL YOUR DIGITAL WORLD USING SMART GESTURES; PERSONAL SAFETY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. GET MOVING, STAY FIT. EAT HEALTHY, FEEL BETTER. Wirelessly sync your Hug Smartwatch with your Android device. Use smart gestures to control Microsoft PowerPoint, VLC media player, Smartphone Music player, AppleTV, one of the fastest moving toys in the world - Ollie by Sphero and Parrot Minidrone. Activate personal safety by pressing the SOS button on the Hug smartwatch or perform the unique SOS gesture. Hug will send a live tracking URL to your friends & family, the well-wisher community to track your whereabouts in real time. Track your daily goals and progress over time for steps, distance, calories burned and calories consumed. Create weight, nutrition and exercise goals, and start a food plan to stay healthy. Keep track of your Heart rate. View trends of your heart rate measurements using the graphs in the Hug Smartwatch app and manage stress better. Log your nutrition and keep track of the calories you consume by using the extensive food database (10, 000+ foods) on the Hug Smartwatch app. Understand balance of nutrition by tracking your proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber intake using the graphs on the Hug app. Track your hydration levels on a daily basis by logging your water intake on the Hug app. Learn more about the Hug smartwatch at See list of supported devices at free to write email to for new feature request and bug report.
Operating System Android