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Your Ayurvedic Home Doctor for all Common Ailments, Skin Care & Beauty Tips. =This app is an ultimate resource of Ayurveda Home Remedies - Your Bible of Homeopathic Remedies & Herbs - filled with ancient natural remedies - giving easy to follow herbal medicine for many common ailments & skin care and natural beauty tips. This app takes the Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Treatments to the next level. Filled with ayurvedic medicines & herbs like ashwagandha & triphala, giving detailed homeopathy & alternative medicines. The app is also filled with skin care, beauty tips, natural face mask, natural beauty supply and tips on acne treatment. You won't be needing microdermabrasion after your use our home remedy on skin care & beauty tips. But the best part is - We are offering all these ayurveda home remedies, health & beauty tips, homeopathic remedies on skin care and much more ABSOLUTELY FREE. Ayurveda Home remedies of Common Ailments like: . =- Acidity- Anaemia- Arthritis- Asthma- Backache- Bloating- Body Ache- Bronchitis- Chest Pain (Angina) - Cholera- Cold- Constipation- Cough- Dehydration- Diabetes- Diarrhoea- Fever- Headache (Migraine) - Hemorrhoid (Piles) - High Cholesterol- Hyper-tension (High Blood Pressure) - Hypo-tension (Low Blood Pressure) - Indigestion- Intestinal Worms- Jaundice- Kidney Stone- Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) - Mouth Ulcer- Nausea- Obesity- Ringworm- Skin Burn- Sore Throat- Stomach Ache- Stomach Ulcer- Toothache- VomitingHomeopathic Remedies of Skin & Beauty Troubles like: . =- Acne- Birthmarks- Black Spots- Blackheads- Body Odour- Brittle Nails- Chapped Lips- Dandruff- Dark Circles- Dark Lips- Dark Underarms- Double Chin- Dry Skin- Eye Wrinkles- Freckles- Gray Hair- Hair Fall- Head Lice- Mouth Odour- Oily Skin- Skin Aging- Skin Pigmentation- Skin Rash- Skin Tanning- Smelly Hair- Split Ends- Stretch Marks- Weight Gain- Weight Loss- Yellow TeethWe have given detailed info on acne treatment, how to get rid of lice, UTI home remedies, sore throat home remedies & toothache home remedies. But we are not stopping here. We have given info on natural face mask & natural beauty supply. The Natural Herbs covered are: . - Almond - Aloe Vera - Apple - Apple Cider Vinegar- Banana- Basil - Beetroot - Bitter Gourd - Blackstrap Molasses - Blueberry - Cabbage - Cantaloupe - Caraway - Carom - Carrot - Castor Oil - Celery - Cinnamon - Clove - Coconut - Coriander - Cranberry - Cucumber - Cumin- Dandelion - Dates - Egg - Eggplant - Epsom Salt - Fennel - Fenugreek - Figs - Flax Seeds - Garlic - Ginger - Gooseberry - Grapes - Green Tea - Guava - Honey - Lady Finger - Lavender - Lemon - Licorice - Margosa (Neem) - Mint - Olive Oil - Onion - Orange- Papaya - Parsley - Pepper - Peppermint - Pineapple - Pomegranate - Potato - Pumpkin - Radish - Raisins - Rice - Rosemary - Sage - Sesame - Spinach - Strawberry - Tea Tree Oil - Tomato - Turmeric - Turnip- Watermelon - Witch Hazel - YogurtThis is a living app - viz: We shall be including more home remedies, skin care & beauty tips and many more herbs to make your health and fitness even better. We are committed to make this application your one ultimate resource of ayurveda home remedies. Your one stop solution of all skin care and beauty tips. Your best resource of alternative medicines, homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments. Not to mention your pocket source of natural remedies and herbs. Hope you like our efforts. Do rate our app if you find it useful. Disclaimer: This app contains information that is applicable for general population. If you find the tips and remedies not suitable to your body, please consult a physician. We recommend doctor consultation if your health problem persists.
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