hearZA is South Africa's national hearing test app. Early detection of a hearing problem is essential to mitigate the pervasive and devastating effects of a disabling hearing loss. hearZA makes early detection of hearing loss possible in under 2 minutes. The test has been developed specifically for South Africa with normative data across all official languages. How does the App work? Digits-in-Noise Hearing Test: An easy to use hearing screening test that uses highly familiar digit-triplets. Normalised Hearing Score: After taking the hearing test you are presented with a hearing score indicating a normalised hearing level. Connect with Audiologists: If the hearZA App detects that you might have a hearing problem we will connect you with your closest audiologist. Social Sign-in: Easily log-in with Facebook, Twitter or Email. Share to Social Media: Promote hearing awareness by sharing to Facebook and Twitter. Scoreboard: Compare your results with your friends and VIP's. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hearZAtestLike us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hearZAtestHave a question? Contact us at support@hearza. co. za.
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